Reflecting on this common task i realize al the effort that went into it and it took alot out of me to meet the standards. For this task i had to create a website with a flash animation, eight pages and four photos. I also had to cite all the sources when I got my infomation from and double site my photos. In order to prepare for this class and learned the skills needed to prefom it I did multiple practice websites and multiple practice flash animations so that when the time came for me to createthe website i would know how to do everything that was required of me. In doing this task i demonstrated my skills to pay attention to detail and my ability to repeat a process multiple times without messing up. these skill were important because i had to keep relinkimng all of my pages togeather as there are many of them and i had to pay attention and make sure they were in the same order on every page. The process I used to complete this task was creating one webpage at a time and going back to add in the links as the pagwes grew. I also made sure to get the links of my sources as I went to ensure i would not forget one. During the task my main problem was the fact that I didn't have enough time to finish it in class so I had to type some of it up during task and after school. this tak helped me understand wed grapghic disign by iving me a taste of the work that goes into making a wedsite and putting all the add ons like photos and videos as well as links to my sources. the completion of this task has helped me as a student by allowing me to relize that without had work and time i will not be able to graduate from high school. i anticipate using these skills again in the future when i make another wesite for my job or just to notify people of speacial events