Many people do not realize the hard work and effort that’s required when making a websites. I myself have learned this during this task that it’s not easy. In my Web Graphics class I was assigned to research a topic then make an animation and an eight page website about that topic. To start, I thought of three topics I wouldn’t mind learning more about. They were a music artist, Broadway and its history, and the a specific Broadway musical. Eventually, I decided that learning about Broadway was a good idea because I could be a lot broader with the topic. Next, I made an outline of what I wanted to happen in my animation. The animation had to be more than 500 frames and had to go on the homepage, or ‘index’, of my website. After this, I now had to make a plan for my website. I knew that the website had to have five pages, with three being the homepage, Reflection page, and works cited page, so for the rest i tried to explain what broadway was and how the theater aspect of it worked. One other important thing I had to remember to do was to link the pictures included in my website back to its original page, or the page I found it from. I would say that the most difficult part of this task was trying to finish the animation and trying to keep track of which web page was which. The easiest part was creating the website, which I thought was going to be the hardest part. Overall, the completion of this task will help me in the future to grow as a student by making sure I challenge myself and try ideas and other activities that I haven’t before.