Grooming is a very important and is not allowed to be skipped. You have to groom the horse before and after you ride. The point of grooming is to get dirt out of their coat, to eliminate their winter coat for the summer. As well as check for ticks, cuts, and anything else in that category. All and all you want the horse to be healthy, happy and clean. Above is my picture of my grooming supplies.

Here are the following Brushes for Grooming:

(The brushes go in order of what to use first and so on.

Also their is the defintion provided, along with pictures as well.)

Curry Comb - Goes in a circulation motion in the horse's muscles and skin while loosening debris and shedding hair.

Hard Brush - This is to whisk away the heaviest layer of loosened dirt and hair, and is handy for removing dried mud from a horse's legs.

Soft Brush - Its soft, fine bristles are positioned very closely together to remove the finest dust particles from the horse's coat and to smooth out the hair, which enhances natural sheen.

Hoof Pick - No grooming box would be complete without a hoof pick to remove manure, mud, stones and debris from the horse's hooves.

Pulling Comb - Some breed-specific guidelines allow for long manes, many horses used in sport disciplines such as hunter, jumper, dressage and combined driving have thinned and shortened manes. Shortened and managed manes make braiding possible for formal events.

Shedding Blade - Has tiny metal teeth that target loose hair and caked-on mud. Useful during shedding season when lots of hair has to be removed from the horse.

Grooming Tote/Box - Different ways to store your grooming tools conveniently.