Katelyn Slaga

Mr. Hertz

Web Graphics and Design/3A

10 June 2016

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If you do not know the definition of horseback-riding, well you're going to know everything you need to know about the lifestyle of this sport. First of all, it’s the most obvious, meaning that I shouldn't even have to tell you, but horseback-riding is a verb, which means that it involves the action of riding a horse. Now that you know the defintion, I'll give a little bit of background information about my four years of a rider. I have been riding for about four years now. In my horseback riding career, I have learned a lot and done a lot. I have competed in fun little home shows to competing competively off property. I had worked on my old farm doing chores, did this every Sunday for a year and a half, meaning I had to feed the horses their grain and hay the whole day, and as well as just keeping the barn nice and clean. Of course their was more to do during the day, but I could go on forever of what needed to be done. I've worked summer camp numerous summers teaching little kids and making their day as fun as possible. Also in the past I have worked with the handicapped known as therapeutic riding.This year I made it to regionals placing third, if you were in the top three then you go to zones. If your in top three at zones, then you go nationals, which I did not place, but now my goal is to keep striving forward and work hard at my riding to go to nationals next year. Horseback-riding is not the sport that you just show up and ride. No horseback-riding is a responsibility you need to take as well as determination.