Katelyn Slaga
Mr. Herz
Web Graphics and Design/3A
14 June 2016

In my Web Graphics and Design Class at the Narragansett High School, we had to create a website, the website could be on anything you wanted it to be. The website had to include a 500 frame animation, in relation to our topic, my animation was a horse lifting its head from the ground making it look like it was looking at an object in front of it, with grass in its mouth. The website also had to include eight different pages that all had to link together. My eight pages were home, providing some background, along with my 500 frame animation. Next was grooming, on that page I provided a bit of info, but then gave pictures of the grooming supplies, also the defintions and they were in the order of what to start and finish with. Same concept with the tacking page. After that was the different styles of riding, and on that I gave the different types of riding, along with their defintion and gave each of them an animation, so that the audience could see it in action instead of looking at a picture and trying to imagine it in the process. On the fifth page, I did horse breeds, and on that I only gave three of my favorite horse breeds because there are over 350 horse breeds in the world. That would be a lot of horse breeds to talk about. Lastly was fun facts besides my reflection and work cited. On the fun facts page, I mentioned things that perhaps I did not mention earlier. Plus I thought it be a good idea to have some more facts on horses, but not just facts, "fun facts." Now about the work cited, the work cited is supposed to have all the links of where we got our pictures and information from. Not only do the links for the pictures just have to be in work cited but when you click on the pictures, it should be able to bring you to the site that you got it from. In order to do that you have to get the picture, animation, whatever it may be and click on visit image and the copy and paste onto dreamweaver. After that step you need to go back to the internet and view visit page to copy the link and then go back to dreamweaver and click on the photo, whatever it may be and paste it into the link box below. Before completing this common task we had some prior knowledge and preperation in class. In class, a little while back, we had to find an animation on the internent and copy it to the best of our abilities. This helped us prepare for our 500 frame animation for the website. Also as of prior knowledge about creating a website, we did a few assignments. For example, the pasta restuarant, hockey league, clouds, and computer egronomics. As of new skills aquired, I learned had to link the picture itself which I did not know before starting the website, but during it. All of these skills are very important because if you every want to start a bussiness or if there is assignment like this in college you want to show that you can complete a website like this. I did not have a process of going into this but I did know what I wanted to do for my topic and that was horses because I have been a horse-back rider for about four years now, close to five. Now that I'm familiar on how to complete a website, I did not really face any obstacles besides that the linking of the pictures were new to me. The linking was very easy to do after I figured out how to do it. The only difficulty I had was with my flash, even though we have practiced with flash before I still get a little lost we all the motion and tweening. This task helped me as an individual because it gave me skills that I have not have known of before taking this class. All in all, the completion of this task helped me as a student to better understand the online world better. It also prepared me very much so for exams and for future assignments. I anticipate using these skills in the future because when I'm older I want to be an interior and exterior designer. As well as a relator, it will help me start up my bussiness for my future job.