Tacking is an important thing you have to know and need to know how to do it. I'm going to talk about the English tack, because I ride English and I'm not entirely sure about all the parts of Western tack.

Here is the tack you use to ride with:

(Here is the tack in order. The definitions are provided as well as pictures.)

Saddle Pad - Used to absorb sweat, cushion the saddle, and protect the horse's back.

Rising/Riser Pad - It is extra support on the horse’s back and goes on top of the saddle pad.

Saddle - A seat tightened on the back of a horse for riding, made of leather and raised at the front and rear.

Girth - Used to keep the saddle in place on the horse. Goes under the barrel (stomach).  Attached to the saddle on both sides by two leather straps called billets. Comes either in fuzzy or leather.

Polo Wraps -  Are bandage materials, usually made of fleece, for a horse's legs. Used mainly for protection during ridden work, and longeing (Same concept with boots).

Bridle - The headgear used to control a horse, consisting of buckled straps to which a bit and reins are attached.

The Finished Product - Ready to go and have a fun ride! (Keep in mind you have to do this before and after. Also have to fo this all the time).