Boards and Wetsuits

As said ealier, there are two types of boards which are short boards and long boards. A short board is a much smaller board usually between 5-6.5 feet and has a pointed nose which is curved upward. This type of board is for faster surfing where the rider may be pumping up and down the waves while making fast and sharp turns, or even arial manuvers. Short boards are for more experienced surfers and are harder to learn on. Longboards are much larger boards that range for 9-11 feet.They are normally for smaller and slower waves. They are also easier to learn on but are often ridden by skilled surfers. Wetsuits are meant to keep one warm while surfing in colder waters. Wetsuits are measured in milimeters and the more milimeters a wet suit is in thickness, the warmer it will keep you. The first number represents the thickness of the body of the wetsuit, and the second number represents the thickness of the arms and legs of the wetsuits. Surfers also use boots, gloves, and hoods to stay warm, and there are differebt thicknesses too like wetsuits.