I have always wanted to learn how to design a useful website. In this common task I was required to create a website with eight total pages, a flash animation that was at least 500 frames, and have 4 pictures that were linked to their home page. In order to learn the skills necessary to complete this task, we learned the process of making a website and a flash animation step by step in class. We practiced the process of these two things and memorized many of the intricate steps need to successfully create them. Although I learned a majority of the skills necessary before the task, I did learn a few new things in the process of completing this task. I feel that I furthered my understanding of how to make an animation, for example I learned when I need to go frame by frame in my animation and when I should do a tween. I also demonstrated my ability to use Flash and Dreamweaver to my advantage by using the many resources available on them to complete my project. In order to complete this task I first chose a topic, then I laid out my plan for my flash animation. I then worked on this animation for a few classes until it was a total of 500 frames and was satisfactory to me. I then wrote up my website plan and began to put together the outline of my website after I had each page set up, I began to research the specific information I needed and wrote what I learned onto each page. I then got my pictures and linked them to their original pages. Finally, I put together my works cited. During the tak, I struggled to start my flash animation. I could not seem to get it right and it often would not work. I began to trouble shoot and look back at other animations to help me see exactly what I needed to do. This task helped me understand webdesign better because I learned how to successfully create a useful website. I now know how to create a full website that informs people of what I am writing about. This task has helped me as a student by improving my knowledge and understand of computer programs, and has improved my writing and artistic abilities. I plan to use the skills I have learned in this task to help me thrive in future computer classes, and to help me design any websites I may need to create.