Some of the Pro's in the Sport

John John Florence and Kelly Slater are some of the most well-known names in the sport. John John is a younger competitor in the sporta at 23 years of age, but has already made a big name for him self. John is ranked 3rd in the world and has already won $939,550 in his professional career. He has won the 2014 Quicksilver Pro France, the 2014 Volcom pipe pro, the 2014 Rio Quicksilver open, the Vans triple crown, and the 2016 Eddie. Kelly on the other hand and one of the greatest and most expierenced surfers of all time. Kelly is 44 years old and has 11 world titles under his belt. He poseses the record for most contest money ever won in surfing and has numerous sponsors. Kelly has also won numerous pipeline competitions and is the youngest surfer ever to win a world title.

John John in a barrel