Waves and Condition

There are three main types of waves which include point breaks, beach breaks, and reef breaks. A beach break is a wave that breaks on a sandy beach. These kinds of breaks will change due to wind and swell paterns and can often be unpredictable, but can be fast pace breaks. Another type of wave, a point break, breaks at a specific point due to a large rock or reef and curves around a piece of land or a wall. These waves are often slower and last longer. The last type of break is a reef break which could be considered the best type of break. These waves are often clean, long last, have a good face, can barrel and are usually predictable. Although all these type of breaks can be great for surfing they can also be not so good, it all depends on the swell direction and wind direction. Swell direction varies from spot to spot, and you just need to know whats best for each spot (this may involve some research). Wind direction it often prefered to be an offshore wind which is when the wind is blowing at the face of the wave.

Example of a wave from a reef break