Learning how to create and design a website would be a great skill to posses. Web Graphics and Design has showed me just how to do that. Our class had to create a flash animation that had a minimum of 500 frames. Then I made a web page using dreamweaver that had at least 8 pages, 3 pictures, work cited page, and a reflection. While doing this task I used prior knowledge in order to help me create the animation and design the webpage. When creating the animation I looked back at previous projects in order to understand how to use the tweens effectively. After I finished the animation I used knowledge from creating other websites to know what template to use for the design which was 2 column fixed, left side bar, header and footer. In order to complete the website I had to add my header, footer, and Links. Then I resreached my topic and put down information I collected. After that I found photos and added them to some of the pages and made sure that they were linked to their original source. While doing so I did notice that it was difficult adding more link spots to the sidebar menu since it required me to split the site and then copy and paste the codes of the site. Being able to do this helped me understand that Web Graphics and Design can be Difficult but I now have the basic information to create a simple website and animation. Overall this project helped me increase my computor skills that I can use in the future to create websites to inform people about my interests.