How It Was Made

How It Was Made

It was put up by gaining a lot of knowledge from the web. I searched a lot of forums and blogs to build this website.

First task was to make a good design. I saw I couple of websites from, other people and got disappointed that they use same layout. I decided to change the layout of my creation, I also removed all borders. I think it looks a lot better this way.

But this was not the only problem I faced. I also needed a menu bar on every page, but I edited my menu a lot, so I had to edit it on every page. I found a good way to escape tons of errors - JavaScript! i used it to add my menu to a page, so I could keep my menu in a separate file, that would be easily editable at all my pages at once.

This website contains a couple of useful tricks to make your website better! You can use them freely.

And I even have some hidden stuff, which is not so hidden.