Facts & Trivia


Don't say I didn't warn you......

Who directed the movie?
Jon Favreau

Who was the writer?
Justin Marks

What song does Baloo sing?
Bare Necessities

What is Mwongli’s talent?
His ability to build traps and other devices for survival

Were real animals used?
 No! The entire film was shot using green screen. Props and people were used to point Mwongli’s actor in the right direction.

How were the animal scenes shot?
They were motion captured and performed by puppeteers for on-set performances


When was the original Jungle Book movie released?

The movie was dedicated to Shawn Robinson, a stunt actor who died in 2015 as well as Gary Shandling who voiced Ikki the Porcupine

“The animal characters were created entirely in key frame computer animation, with the assistance of footage of real animal movement, the actors recording their lines, and performance capture for reference. The production team underwent a thorough process to realistically convey the animals' speaking, while still making them perceptually believable to the audience.” (imbd)

How many kids auditioned for the role of Mwongli?
Over 2,000

The wolf pups were named after staff members

Mwongli had two scars in the film: One in the shape of the letter “r”and the other being “k” these are the initials of the original writer, Rudyard Kipling

In the movie, Kaa was portrayed as female even though she was originally suppose male

How much did the movie gross?
It grossed $333,330,909 domestically and $531,700,000 foreign. So it grossed $865,030,909 in total

Errors in the movie
- Many of the animals in this film are actually oversized (i.e. Kaa, the wolves, some of the monkeys)
- Bagheera and King Louie somehow knew that Akela was killed by Shere Khan, but they were never told
- During the fight between Mwongli and Shere Khan, Mwongli got a scratch on his chest but in the last scene, the scratch is not present.
- Baloo asks Mwongli to climb a tree to get honey saying that he can't climb, yet he managed to climb a tree to save Mwongli from Kaa. It is later revealed that he has a fear of heights.

-Raksha: [to Mowgli] No matter where you go or what they may call you, you will always be my son.

-Baloo: They want to send you to the man-village? I say, you can be a man right here!

-Baloo: If anything happens to that kid, I'll never forgive myself!

-Akela: Mowgli is a member of our pack!
Shere Khan: Mowgli... they've given it a name! When was it we come to adopt man to this jungle?
Akela: He's just a cub.
Shere Khan: [shows his scars] Does my face not remind you of what grown man can do?

-Baloo: He's special
Bagheera: I know he's special; i raised him.

When was it released?
April 15, 2016

What was its production budget?
$175 million

106 minutes

Rating: PG