This website was a fun yet challenging common task in my Web Graphics and Design course. For this assignment, we had to pick a topic of interest, create an animation outline, create our own animation using Flash, type a website outline, and finally, create an eight page website on Dreamweaver about the topic of our choice. Prior to this assignment, the class was taught how to make Flash animations as well as how to use Dreamweaver to create a working website. For this task, my animation creating and website creating skills were put to the test. For example, I had to understand what type of motions to use for my animation as well as have a basic understanding on how to use the tools on Adobe Flash. For the website, I had to know how to import photos onto a page, link pages together, link photos to websites, and create a footer.

The first part of the project was basically picking a topic and deciding what to do for the animation. After deciding what to do for the animation, I went on to type out a description of the animation including layers, what each layer will do, and the type of motion each layer will use. After, I went on to create the animation in Flash. I realized that I didn't choose the correct motion for the tail in the animation, so I had to switch from a shape tween to a motion tween; if I used a shape tween, I would have had to re-draw the tail at every frame. After many classes of working on the animation, I moved onto making a website outline. The website outline included descriptions of all of my web pages and the layout of the site. Then, I finally moved onto the website. I had typed out all of the text i was going to use for the site prior, so all I had to do was copy and paste it onto the Dreamweaver pages. After, I chose pictures to put on the pages. I had no trouble linking the pictures to their original sources, but some of the pictures did not show up when I opened the website online, so I had to delete them and then put them back onto the website. Also, some of the links on my works cited did not work until I realized that I had to put the links in the "link" box located in the Properties panel as well. Overall, I did not experience many issues making this website. This task helped me understand Web Design because I learned that there are many steps in creating your own website.

This task helped me better myself as a student in many ways. For example, I learned how to create a website. This will help me in the long-run because if I have a project where I can use any method for presentation, I will probably create a Dreamweaver web page. Also, I learned that instead of getting stressed over small things that don't work out, I should work on something else then go back to fix it so I won't get overly stressed. I plan on using these skills to help me trouble-shoot and come up with creative project presentations in the future. Furthermore, this common task has helped me in many ways and taught me many things