Aiden Moran
Mr. Herz
Web Design
June 15, 2017
Creating a Website: Learning Reflection
For this task in Web Graphics and Design, I created a website on a topic that interested me. For my website, I created a biographical website on the NBA basketball player, LeBron James. In order to do this task, I had too many coding and HTML assignments. I needed to learn how to use all of the tools on Dreamweaver and also learn how to create a 250 frame flash animation using different types of tweens. Some new skills that I learned were how to create a flash, link pages on a website, link pictures to their original website and also how to insert a flash animation into a website. I was able to insert the animation by exporting it as a movie from flash and then inserting it from the assets panel. All of these skills were very important because they were the basis for the task itself. To complete this task, I first had to create a website plan that told what would be on the website, the target audience of the website and also the purpose of the website. Then I had to create the actual website by choosing a format and creating different pages with different subtopics. Finally, I added the text and images and then I inserted my animation on my index page. Some troubles I came across was linking the pictures but I was able to solve this problem very easily, I also had trouble adding my animation into my index page. I solved this by exporting it as a movie. This task helped me better understand Web Design because I incorporated everything I learned which helped me understand all of the units I went through. This helped me understand the technology world better and will help me in the future with other computer classes.