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Have you ever created you own website, well for this common task I designed and created a web page. To lead up to making the website we did many mini units such as learning how to code HTML and how to use adobe flash along with dream weaver. Throughout the course I did various activities pertaining to how to design and create a website. During this task I acquired the skills to make a layout for a website, create I multi-layer flash animation and put together a completed website. This skills are important because if I ever go into a profession in which I have to create an effective website site than I will know how to make one. To complete my website I first used microsoft word to make a layout of all the key components I would add to my website. Next, I searched the web for various pictures and more information for my project. Lastly, I took all the information I had gathered an placed them on different pages of the website to make them easy to understand. I encounter very few obstales during this process but one that I did find was trying to find information about gymnastics mostly because gymnastics is such a proud sport. I overcame this opsicle by narrowing my topic down to just women artistic gymnasts which made it easier to find information. This task helped me understand web design because I had to make sure that the layout looked the best for my audience and helped me to make sure that the design was easy to follow. The completion of this task has helped me self avicate for myself because this task was all on my own and at times I had to look up how to do certian things. In the future, I would like to open my own gymnastics business so I plan on using what I learned in this task to help me create an easy to follow website for my costumers.