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Olympic and Elite Gymnastics

Here is how it works:

Who's to judge?

For each Olympic gymnastics event, 9 judges are chosen from a FIG pre-approved pool of multi-national judging candidates. The chosen judges are categorized into 3 groups:

  1. The D panel, who calculate the Difficulty Score (2 judges)
  2. The E panel, who judge the Execution Score (5 judges)
  3. The Reference panel, who correct the Execution Scores in case of any problems (2 judges)


After the score has been posted, a coach may inquire about the Difficulty Score, first verbally and then in writing. An inquiry may be resolved by using video review. The initial inquiry must be made prior to the completion of the next gymnast's routine. The written inquiry must be submitted before the end of the rotation, and the Superior Jury reviews the inquiry. A fee is assessed for filing an inquiry; it is returned if the inquiry is upheld.


USAG Compulsory Gymnastics

Compulsor scoring is less advanced than elite an dolympic scoring.The base score is 10.0. Judges do not add to this, but rather, take away points for errors in form, artistry, execution, technique and routine composition. There is a 1.0 mark deduction for falling off an apparatus. Errors are judged to be small, medium or large and respective 0.1, 0.3 and 0.5 deductions are applied.

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