Erin McCaffrey

Mr. Herz

Web Design

June 13, 2017


In my common task for Web Graphics and Design, I made a website about one of my favorite sports, volleyball. In this task I was required to make a website plan, make at least one flash animation and use it in my website, and make a website all on my own. I was taught how to use dreamweaver, the application used to make the website, and then was taught how to use Flash Animation, the application used to make my animation. I demonstrated the skills of problem solving when linking my pages together and my self reliance when I got stuck doing my animation. I, along with my classmates, completed many practices before I was instructed to start the final product. I practiced different tools on Flash and made practice websites to become familiar with the Dreamweaver application. I forgot some things about dreamweaver, like making a folder, but was able to quickly solve that problem and continue to work on my website. This task has helped me skim the surface of how much work actually goes into being a web designer. The completion of this task has helped me understand the programs I used and it has helped me become better with details when creating things. I plan on using these skills when making animations in the future and intend on using the planning as a strategy moving forward.