For the entire second semester in my Web Graphics and Design class we have been learning how to make websites and flash animations. Recently, we were assigned a common task where we had to create our own website that included eight pages and at least one flash animation. We did a lot of work in class to prepare ourselves for this final project. Most of that preparation was done by completing small exercises on dreamweaver or flash and listening to the lessons our teacher delivered to us. I also made sure to ask a lot of questions so that I could better understand the topic we were working on. During the completion of this task I feel like I have gained several new and valuable skill sets. One of them being the ability to link each individual webpage to each other. This is a valuable skill because when you’re on a website and you click a link it is supposed to bring you to a separate page. The first step in completing this assignment was to choose which topic I wanted to base my website off of. I decided to make a website about the famous actor,  Leonardo DiCaprio. Then. I made a folder in my file and named it Leonardo DiCaprio, this is where I will keep all the important files that will be incorporated in my final website. In addition, I had to research all the important facts about leonardo. I incorporated all the information I gathered into six different pages on my website, not including the reflection page or works cited page. Once all  my information was put on the pages i linked everything together. This part was somewhat hard for me to do because it was a little confusing. However, I was able to ask my classmates and teacher how to do it and it worked out just fine. In conclusion, I think that this assignment will help me in the future because now i know how to make a website.