Have you ever wanted to learn the love formusic and creativity, then now you know, The Doors for me offered a set of music that I know that I will never forget becuase its creativity is life changeing. For this common task we were required to complete a website about a topic that we chose and for me that was The Doors. For this common task I had to have prior knowledge on how to create a website as well as enough background information about The Doors to support my information. I aquired these skills through learning how to set up a website as well as reserching through various websites to discover who Jim Morrison truly was.

I completed various different tasks that varied my skills that were needed in order to complete the task that helped me out in the long run such as individual tasks and activities. I found this task very easy and I loved completing it. This task helped my knowledge for web design because it showed me how it was possible to create a website. The completion of this task helped me as a student because it showed me how I can improve as a web designer. I beleive that in future classes were I will be required to create a website this completion will truly help me.