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Ilaria D’Andrea

Mr. Herz

Web Graphics and Design

20 June 2017

Website Design Learning Reflection

For my Web Graphics course at Narragansett High School, I was granted the stupendous opportunity to create my own website based off of anything I want. For this assignment I chose to create my website on one of my favorite bands, Gorillaz. I was asked to include a minimum of five pages within the website as well as a 250 frame animation. In order to prepare for this task, my class and I spent all of our second semester classes learning the different mechanics of Adobe Premiere for animating and the Dreamweaver program for designing a webpage. Whilst completing this task, I learned many different skills including how to embed links into web pages, animate using Flash, incorporate images into Dreamweaver, etc. These skills were all very important because embedding links, images, and animations into the webpages are all requirements of the assignment. Especially for a website based on a band.

In order to effectively create this website, I started out by creating a plan. This plan was simply a basic outline of all the pages that were going to be in my website and the content that was going to be in each one. After that, I opened Dreamweaver and linked five web page documents to one another. From there, I put in all the information and pictures, making sure to keep track of my sources on NoodleTools so that I had everything that I needed for my Work Cited pages. Once all of this had been completed, I finished up my animation and embedded it into the home page of my website. The main obstacle that I encountered in this task was linking the images to their original website. In order to work around this, I discovered that I needed to drag the link to the image from the properties section of Dreamweaver. Overall, this task was a huge help in my understanding of web design. I learned all the fundamentals of creating a web page. Especially in adding links and personalizing each section of the site.

As a student, this task has helped me to use my problem solving skills and has enhanced my patience and drive as a worker. In the future, I will definitely use Dreamweaver to create a new web page. Whether that be for fun or for school work. I also hope to apply my animation abilities to my work later in life.


The percentage of us tow the line
The rest of us out of reach
Everybody party time
Some of us will never sleep again