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Season 2

Rick and Morty: Season 2

Season 2 contains 10 episodes, starting with "A Rickle in Time", in this episode, Rick decides to unfreeze time after six months of it being stopped. He warns Morty and Summer that time could initially be unstable. Morty and Summer argue, and the resulting uncertainty tears time apart into two realities. When they look outside, the house is surrounded by a black void filled with Schrödinger's cats. Rick uses a Time Crystal to try to mend the timelines together, but Morty and Summer's continued uncertainty prevents the fusion from working. Rick's own uncertainty that his other self is potentially conspiring against him results in chaos. However, a 4th dimentonal being fixes them, and scolds rick for trying to fix time.

Ending with "The Wedding Squanchers", this episode, Bridperson, a character introduced in "Ricksy Business" is getting married, Rick refuses to go, however, once his family learns of it, they force him to go, Rick shows his resentment towards weddings by saying "Weddings are basically funerals with cake", Latter in the episode, Rick makes speech about how much birdperson means to him, soon after, Birdperson's Bride reveals herself to be a member of the Galactic Federation, and shoots Birperson several times, killing him. Rick saves his family, and turns himself into the Galactic Federation, this is by far, one of the most emotional episodes of Rick and Morty.