Recently in my Period 4A web graphics and design class we were asked to create an original web site that showcased everything we have learned this semester. The Web Site had to consist of at least 8 pages, and had to include a flash animation embedded somewhere in the website. This task was over all manageable and fairly easy. It was interesting to learn more about my Chooses topic, California, while also become more comfortable using the Dream Weaver Soft wear on the computer. many of the components of make a web site are very teaches and required a lot of time. One of the things that i continued to struggle with was fining way to format the pages to make it look how i Pictured it in my head. In order to figure out different formatting options I looked up how to videos on you tube or asked Mr. Hurz. Over the course of a few classes i was able to complete this task and upon completing i gained more confidence in using software such as dream weaver and flash animations.


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