The common task we were asked to do is called "Creating a Wesbite." And for this common task we were asked to make a website with a introduction page and then five addtional, 2 external links and 1 animation that we created ourselves. The process used to learn the content of this task was learned through doing the activities Mr.Herz provided us and him guiding us throughout the semester and that is how we learned to make a website and animations. The skills I acquired doing this task was how to attach the right file to each page of the website so when you clicked on the home page tab and it would go to the home page no matter what page of the website. Also another skill I acquired was how upload a animation onto the website and you have to export the animation as a movie. The importane of these skills for this task is if you didn't have these skills that you learned from doing all the activities leading up to this you would not be able to complete the task by yourself.

The process I used to make this website was I opened up dreamweaver and I picked 3 column fixed, header and footer. Then I kept making new pages and then labeled the first one Index because that what you always label the first page and then labeled the other pages with whatever titles I wanted and then save each page. Then you name all the tabs on each page the same and in the same order. Once you do that you make sure you attach the right file to each one. Each page should have the same 6 tabs with the same titles and the same file attached to each tab. Then once you do that you just go ahead and start completing and adding to your website. The only obstacles I encoutered in completing this assignment was how to create the animation, when we were doing this topic in class I never understood how to really do it, and I still don't so I just did the best I could. But when I did have trouble that I could not figure out myself I would ask Mr.Herz or my neighbor. This task help me understand web design by allowing me to build and create a website myself and understand all the aspects there is to building websites and creating animations.

The completion of this task helped me as a student because it allowed to build this website myself and learn how to do it myself. This task helped with my on demand skills and I actually had to do it myself. I anticipate to use these skills in the future by if anyone ever needs me to make a website I have the skills and know how to and if I ever wanted to build a website I have the skills and ability to do so.