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Christian Taylor Talks Changing Take-off Legs, Learning to Win With 'No Excuses'

"The most difficult part of changing legs is the timing and handling the speed, being comfortable with being uncomfortable," Taylor said in the Team USA press conference Friday at Beijing's National Stadium. 

However a career-threatening injury forced Taylor to change his approach to the jump, a decision that didn't come easy as an athlete dependent on rhythm and routine. 
"The toughest part was more mental than physical because in triple jump we bound off of left and right foot all the time so in practice it's normal exercise, but to actually do it with the speed was the most difficult part," Taylor said. 
After years of jumping off of his left foot, Taylor's knees were close to giving out and he was forced to re-learn his approach on his right foot. The change of approach paid off when Taylor was crowned the 2014 Diamond League champion in Zurich. 

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