Rachel Sokolow
Mr. Herz
Web Graphics and Design
21 June 21, 2017
Common Task Learning Reflection
This semester my web graphics common task was to create a website and animation. I had to have at least five pages, not including the works cited and reflection, along with a 250 frames animation. For my project I decided to do Walt Disney World and made each of the parks a different page of my website. To start my project I had to create a website plan and layout. I then researched my topic and formed a website around what I learned. Each of my webpages briefly describes the parks and shows the famous attractions found there. After I finished setting up all my pages I started to create my animation. Once my animation was done however, I had slight problems putting it into Dreamweaver. After some trial and error though, I managed to export it into my project. This project has overall helped me understand the fundamentals of Web Design and work needed to form a website and animation. The completion of this task has helped me grow as a student. I have learned to have more patience when completing a complex project and have added onto my prior research skills. As a result, the completion of this task will allow me be better progress at my computer using skills.