Sydney Jackson


Web Graphic Design  

13 June 2017


In my Web Graphic Design course at Narragansett High School, I produced a website about soccer for my common task. I learned how to create a website though coding (HTML), to insert pictures, to link thing to other pages, and how to create a flash animation. All of the skills that I used for this task I learn at the start of this class, second semester. I learn the skills by doing exercises from the book and other exercises Mr.Herz gave the class. I can still improve my website with better animations and creating and taking my own photos. The most challenging part was the flash animation. Form the star I known that I was going to struggle with the flash animation. For the next website I make I will remember to make a plain and use it, after I made my plain I forgot that I had it and did not use it. For this common task I used all the skills that were taught in this class. I know that completing this assignment help me grow as a student, specifically as a web designer, since I will use these skills in future computer classes.