Basic Soccer Equipment

All players need the proper eqiipment to play soccer. Without the equipment players will not be able to compete or play. The equipment provides the player with protection and the tool to play soccer efficiently. 


Cleats are manditor to wear during a game. They provide better tracktion than reagular running shoes.The material makes kicking the ball painless and some portection from getting stepped on. There are different kinds of cleats there are truf cleat, which don't have spikes and the mostly common cleats are grass cleats but, most player just use grass cleats on both truf and grass.


Shin-Gaurds protect the players shins from being extermly hurt if kicked in the shins, but it doesn't protect the players shins from everything(every kick). They should fit under the players soccer socks.

Soccer Ball

Some coaches will provide soccer balls but most coaches want each player to have their own. Soccer balls come in sizes, 3, 4 and 5. Each age group requires a different size. If the player doesn't know what size to get then they should speak with their coach.

Soccer Socks

Soccer socks are extremely long. They cover shin-guards. Most teams provide these with your uniform, but some require players to purchase them separately.