In my Web Graphic and Design class at Narragansett High School I had to make a website using dreamweaver. I had to make at least five informative pages about a subject of my choice, I chose irish step dancing. After, I had to link all the five pages together. From there, I had to put in pictures and link the pictures to the website that they came from. I also had to make an animation that was at least 250 frames long. To prepare for this task I made another website about pasta with my teachers help and guidance and this is where I learned how to link things together and put the animation in. I also had to find a gif and, using adobe, I had to remake the gif as closely as possible and this prepared me for making the 250 frame gif. This whole task was honestly extremely hard for me because I am just not good with computers and when I think I know how to do something I end up being wrong. If I had to choose the hardest part though it would be making the gif. I made it through these struggles just by pushing through and finishing my website. Completing this task helped me as a student because it taught me that even though I did not like this task and working with computers I should be learning this because the future will be all computers. In the final analysis, this common task was very hard but I persevered and finished my website.