Andrew Hulquist

Mr. Herz

Web Design

5 June 2014

Creating a Website Reflection

Hootie and the Blowfish, in all seriousness, was one of the more popular bands of the 90's and most people in their middle ages remember Hootie and the Blowfish from their college years. In Web Graphics and Designs I was required to complete a task on a certain topic and I chose Hootie and the Blowfish. In order to complete this task I needed moderate knowledge of how to use Dreamweaver, for this program is the heart of the website and I wouldn't be able to create an orginized website without it. I also needed knowledge of how to use Adobe Flash Professional in order to complete the required animation for the project. This program allowed me to create an original animation fo rme to use in my website.

To complete the website I first completed my animation in Adobe Flash so I wouldn't have to go to back to it later. Then I used my website plan to define a website on Dreamweaver and mad a blank page for all the pages I was to create. I used tables on each page of the website to organize pictures and sections of text. I ran into an obstacle when I tried to put my animation into my website, for I was trying to drag a regularly saved flash into the page, but I later found out I needed to export it from flash into a compatible format then drag where I wanted it on the website. I also encountered numerous other problems in which to overcome I would either look it up on the internet, ask ny friend next to me, or if in dire need of help, I would ask our teacher Mr. Herz.

As a student, this tasked helped me as a student by showing me the internals of how web pages and other programs work on my computer. These new skills will help me in the future if I possibly go into computer programming as profession, or if I need to create a website for a future business. These skills are also very helpful because most jobs in the real world are with computers and may help me get a job in the future.


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