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Christopher Danforth

Mr. Herz

Web Graphics and Design

5 June 2014

Learning Reflection

In this common task, I had to succcesfully create my own website on a specific topic that interests me. For instance, i chose the topic of the National Hockey League, or NHL. In order to create the website, i had to use the computer program dreamweaver. This program allowed me to create a website with a home page, flash animation, and various information needed for the website. Earlier in the semester, our class worked on specific tasks using dreamweaver to increase our knowledge of the program. While working on this task, i acquired many different skills such as creating a flash and creating a successful website plan. I also learned how to create different pages on a website. Learning these skills in this task was critical in order to succesfully finish.

Before beginning the website, i had to create a correct and informative website plan. This plan contained a layout of my website and included the different information that would be presented. After i finish my website plan, i began to create my website using dreamweaver. I started working on my home page and continued finishing the rest of my pages. During this process, i encountered some obstacles including adding some pictures and tables to my webpages. I also had trouble with selecting certain background images for them as well. In completion of this task, i believe my Web Design knowledge has increased. For example, i know how to create flash animations and include those in a website. I also understand how to manage and plan a successful website.

Overall, i believe the skills and knowledge i have learned has helped as a student to better prepare me for certain real life situations. I can also use the skills in future computer classes throught high school. In conclusion, this task has provivied me with certain skills and knowledge that i can use in my future.