Johnny Manocchia

Mr. Herz

Web Graphics And Design

5 June 2014

Creating A Website Reflection

For all baseball fans out there I beleive that this website will really hit it out of the park for veiwers. My task was to create a website with at least eight pages on any topic I wanted to create it on, I chose baseball and to spefically focus on the MLB hall of fame. Before I could complete this task I had to know how to operate Dreamweaver and create a flash, on Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Flash Professional. Without Dreamweaver I could not make the website because this is the program in which the website is all created on. In addition without Flash I would not be able to create my animation which was a requirement for my task.

To create this website I had to find facts about the hall of fame as well as get pictures that fit well with each page and each fact. I also had to link each pciture back to each original website as well as make different pages about different topics of the hall of fame. Some obstacles I encountered along the way was when I could not see the pictures I had put on my website. This was frustrating for me because I put all this work into trying to put these pictures on my website, I then had to see them all disappear. I solved this problem by deleting all of my pictures and saving them back into my folder which I did not do the first time. This task helped me understand web design because now I know the basics to creating a website and in the future can create a website which is key to todays life.

Completing this task I now can see that if I ever want a future in computers I have one huge step to help me. For example, my dad works in computer science and he makes websites and scripts a lot, and I enjoy his job so I might see a future in this field.

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