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Sara Mergner
Mr. Herz
Web Design
June 5, 2014
Learning Reflection
Creating A website

            Have you ever wanted to construct a website? For this task I had to construct a website and animation by using the information I used in class. The website had to include eight pages, including a reflection and works cited, an animation, task bars with links to other pages, information and pictures linked back to their original website. I learned all these skills in previous classes which helped me finish the website on time. A new skill I learned while completing this website was how to link a picture back to its original website.
To complete this website I first made the animation with 500 frames which took only a class to do. Next I used dream weaver to set up eight pages for the topics of an Index, dates, band listings, what to bring, special guests, other information, a reflection and works cited. I didn’t really encounter any obstacles. This task helped me understand Web Design more because I now know how to affectively construct a website.
By completing this task it has helped me as a student because I am now able to follow directions better and use different programs such as dream weaver. I can use these skills in the future because I will be attending a technical school for the next two years for advertising and design so knowing how to use these programs will give me a head start next year.

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