Nate RainoneĀ 
Web Graphics
Mr. Herz
5 June 2014
In this task we had to make a website including eight pages minimum on a topic of our choice. In my website it included the topic of the World Cup and the pages in my website had to do with the schedule of the games, notable players to watch, an animation of something having to do with the world cup. Also it has the history of the world cup and where the games are being played. The website also had to have a home page with links to all of the other pages included in the website. A works cited was needed to cite picture used in the website. I thought that this was going to be a lot easier than it ended up being so I started goofing off in the beginning so it wasted a lot of time that I now realize that I needed and I am now behind and scrambling to finish the website. But the easiest part of the website is getting all of the information because I am interested in the website. The hardest part of the website is the animation because it has to be 500 frames which is difficulty and takes a lot of time.