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this is the Yamaha Rino, its meant for crusing around in the forest or around the farm, it is not street legal so you can not drive it to work everyday but it is very fun none the less.

This is the 2009 Yamaha YZ 125 and 250, the 125 means it has a 125 Cubic Centometer engine, while the 250, has a 250 Cubic centometer engine, the 250 has an engine that is twice the size of the 125, it will go a lot faster, the 125 is more for learners while the 250 is for exoerienced riders that have no trouble on these types of bikes.
This is the yamaha 700 cubic centometer Raptor, it has four wheels that allow it to be much more stable than a regular motorcycle with 2 wheels, however it will do everything they can do. This is built more for racing.