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This is the yamaha nytro, a smowmobile made for very fast menuvering through the snow, it will turn on a dime, and go ver y fast through snow and is used for racing in the snowmobile world.
This is the yamaha BW 125 Cubic Centremeter engined scooter that is mainly just for a short comute, they have very good MPG however arent really meant for speed or for long trips, just for into town or around town.
This is a sports bike, its a Yamaha R1, a 1000 Cubic Centimeter engine that is the biggest sports bike that yamaha makes, the riding position is leaned forward, its more built for racing or just driving fast. Yahamas race teams use modified versions of this bike in various races all around the world.
This is the Yahama Bolt, it has a 1200 Cubic centimeter engine that will take you where you want to go, this is more of a cruiser bike that yamaha makes, not really for racing or for going at very high rates of speed however it will do that. this is just one of yamahas many crusing models