Chiropractic Manipulation

In order to better understand the effectiveness of Chiropractic Manipulation, several long-term patients have agreed to share their stories. I have asked them to describe their lives before, during, and after receiving manipulation. The stories come from both members of an elderly couple who have been committed to the practice of Chiropractic Manipulation for many years.

The woman of the couple had recently suffered from whiplash, and also had continuing back trouble. After seeing the Chiropractor consistently her pain and trouble had been relieved. “The adjustments have done a lot of good for me”, she said. Even though her pain is not quite as bad, she continues to see the Chiropractor not only when she begins to feel pain, but also to help prevent the pain.

Her husband, also seeing the same Chiropractor, had serious pain from a pinched nerve in his hip, so he began to see a chiropractor. When asked how the adjustments affected him, he said, “They immediately relieves the pressure.” The patient also mentioned how seeing the Chiropractor helped to fix his problem with sleeping.

Both emphasized how gentle the Chiropractors had been to them, and how they believe Chiropractic Manipulation truly helps.

Also, I personally experienced the Chiropractic treatments. I absolutely agree with these patients when they say that the treatment provides positive results on the patients' health and wellbeing.

This is the x-ray taken during my physical examination before receiving the nine adjustments. The Chiropractor drew the shape that a spine holds when it is healthy, and also the shape my spine actually was. The black line, if you can see, is the healthy shape, and the red line is the actual shape.

By the end of my nine adjustments, I made a 74 percent recovery, which means my spine was 74 percent closer to what a healthy spine should look like. I also have felt significant relief from pressure in my neck and shoulder area, and not as much pain at the end of each day.


Created by Shelby D. Reynolds

Copyright 2010