Guidelines for Note Cards



Heading                                                                                              Source        






Effect of values                                                              O”Brien 10




                    Society’s value for violence is present in video games,

                    movies, and even our “heroes.”


                      [Are we just looking for a scapegoat when we blame

                        games and movies for the violence in our society?]







Personal Note



        Careful, thoughtful note taking is the key to a high quality paper.  All evidence for the paper should be recorded on 4 x 6 index cards.  These cards reflect several strategies.  A quotation note records the exact words of an authority.  A summary note records a quick overview of factual data.  A précis note is used for a plot summary or the abstract.  The paraphrase note restates in original words and structure the words of the authority.  This is the most common type of note.  Last is the personal note that is used to record the writer’s ideas.

          Note cards also help to document correctly.  On the cards, with the exception of the personal card, source and page are listed.  This is the information needed to complete parenthetical documentation.


Format Guidelines

  1. Use ink and write legibly.
  2. Use index cards.  The 4x6 size is recommended.
  3. Write one item on a card.
  4. Write on one side of the card.
  5. List the source.  Include page number for print sources.
  6. Label each card.
  7. Write a full note.
  8. Keep everything.
  9. Label your personal note cards or put the note in brackets [   ] on the note card.
  10. Follow the research style.  It will save time later.


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