Espaņol IV 







I-               Course Requirements: 

It is the responsibility of each student to be on time and prepared for class daily. Students must have a pen/pencil, covered textbooks, completed assignments, a notebook and a positive attitude.


Daily attendance will be taken. It is crucial that students be in class to learn, listen and participate. Excessive absences will greatly hinder your progress.


II-          Grading: 

A- Quizzes, Tests, Projects:

[      Quizzes will be given frequently and will be, at times, unannounced. Quizzes will count as 25% of the quarter grade.

[       Tests will be given at the end of each chapter or major unit. They will always be announced several days in advance. Tests will count as 20% of the quarter grade.

[       Projects will be given once a quarter and students will work in groups of three.  Projects will count as 15% of the quarter grade.


B- Class Participation:

Students will be evaluated on the basis of their class participation. Class participation will count as 10% of the quarter grade. Standards for class participation are:

A=Always   B=Usually   C=Sometimes   D=Seldom   F=Never

[      On time

[      Prepared and Organized (book, notebook, pen, homework)

[      Following Directions

[      Focused and Attentive

[      Honest, Respectful and Cooperative


C- Homework:

Homework will be assigned most evenings. This may include written assignments, reading passages, oral projects and research projects. It will be collected or reviewed during the following class. Homework will count as 10% of the quarter grade.


D- Journals:

Journals will be written each week in the writing notebooks. They are to be turned in each Monday. They will be graded and averaged. The grade will count as 20% of the quarter grade.


E- Exams:

There will be a written exam at the end of each semester. Semester grades are 80% of the two quarters grades and 20% of the exam grade.


III-      Extra-Help:

I am available for extra help every day until 3:00 p.m. in room 164. Let me know you are coming!


IV-         Make-Up Work:

If a student is absent, is their responsibility to make up all work missed, including homework. This should be completed within three days of their return to school. Any work not completed will be counted as a zero.

Unexcused absences: zero for the day and no make-up allowed for anything done on that day.