Français I

Madame Biafore


I.                   Course Requirements:

·        Daily attendance

·        Text book, Notebook, folder recommended, pen/pencil

·        Homework (Daily)

·        Focused, attentive, prepared, positive attitude


II.                Grading (per quarter):

·        Quizzes (2-3 weekly, generally announced)                  35%

·        Tests (end of each unit, 4-5 per quarter)                      35%

·        Writing Packets – 2 per quarter, graded final draft

·        Class Participation                                                     15%

·        Homework                                                                  15%                     


III.             Exams:

·        Midterm & Final- Department exams are held during the school exam schedule – 20% of the semester grade


IV.              Extra-help:

·        Held after school by appointment (Tuesday & Thursday)

·        Recommended for students struggling with class concepts



V.                 Make-up policy:

·        Students should complete all missed work the following class period -with the exception of extended illness.  Any missed work (HW, papers, projects, etc. should be turned in the following day – don’t wait for the next class period)

·        HOMEWORK- access to a calendar of quizzes/tests & daily homework is provided online on the school’s homepage (

NHS – FL Dept – Teachers – J.Biafore-French1 folder- calendar



VI.              Parent/Teacher Communication:

·        I am available by phone at the school (792-9400 ext. 4167)

·        E-mail is the most convenient means to communicate with me – school address is

·        Student progress reports can be e-mailed at any time

·        If you would like me to update you periodically as to student progress, please provide me with the phone number and time to best reach you or E-mail address of your preference.