I am going to eat


I am eating

I did eat

I was eating

She is going to wait


She waits

She has waited

She was waiting

They are going to finish


They do finish

They finished

They used to finish

We are going to go


We go

We went

We used to go

He is going to obey his mom



He obeys his mom

He obeyed his mom

He used to obey his mom

You are going to travel


You travel

You have traveled

You were traveling

You (pl) are going to clean


You are cleaning

You did clean

You were cleaning

She is going to make


She is making

She made

She used to make

I am going to need


I need


I needed

He is going to look


He is looking

He did look

He was looking

You are going to be


You are


You were, used to be


They are going to put


They do put

They did put

They used to put

She is going to choose


She chooses

She did choose

She was choosing

I am going to swim


I swim

I swam

I was swimming

He is going to study


He is studying

He studied


They are going to travel


They are traveling

They did travel

They used to travel

I am going to play soccer


I am playing soccer

I played soccer



I used to play soccer

She is going to want


She wants


She wanted

You are going to run


You run

You ran

You were running

She is going to wake up


She is waking up

She woke up

She used to wake up

We are going to leave


We are leaving

We left

We used to leave

They are going to return


They do return

They did return

They were returning

I am going to work



I am working

I worked

I was working