Livre de votre enfance


Dites-nous ce que vous faisiez quand vous étiez petit:

·       10 different verbs in the IMPARFAIT to describe what you used to do when you were little

·       10 visual representations of each verb description

·       Compiled in a book format with a cover (&visual) titled

“Quand j’étais petit(e)...”   par + your name

****This must be appropriate for school!    I’m sure that I don’t need to tell you that – but just in case…


You will be evaluated on the following components:

·       Verbs- the imperfect formation & usage

·       Vocabulary- used appropriately, rich and varied

·       Grammatical structure- word order, contraction, agreement, etc.

·       Spelling- correct!

·       Organization & presentation style- neat, clear, obvious effort, creativity


This should be a fun project that practices and cements your knowledge of the imperfect tense.  It will be counted as a test grade.  You will have some class time to ask questions and use the resources available.  This project is due in its entirety on Friday, September 29th.  You lose a letter grade each day it is late.