Français III / IV Midterm Oral interview topics


·        What you did last … (weekend, summer, etc.)

·        What you plan to do this… (weekend, summer, etc.)

·        What you used to do when you were little

·        What you would do if you had a lot of money or if you could change something in the past

·        Physical & personality description of a friend or family member


3’s – basic plot summary of Dans le Métro

4‘s – basic plot summary of Belle et la Bête or Jean de Florette

-        What is it necessary that you do this coming semester to succeed in high school (Il faut que je…+ subjunctive)


I will assess:

-your rate & ease of response/ comfort level

-your structure/grammatical conventions

-your choice of vocabulary (simplistic-sophisticated)

-your development of topic (1-10 sentences)

-your pronunciation