Fr ¾- aka Français 7

Tense project

Helpful hints


Consider the following bits of advice while preparing for your presentation:


1-     Treat the subject as new material for everyone.  If you teach as if nobody has ever heard of this grammar you will do a more complete job

2-     Be well prepared and professional.  You are the instructor for the time period.

3-     Don’t be nervous- everyone is in the same boat.

4-     Create your practice handout using variety- change the subject pronouns, verbs and types of practice.  You may multiple ways to assess everyone’s understanding, but we really want to be able to form the tenses correctly and know how the tenses are used (in what context).

5-     Spell everything correctly- if you are not sure, look it up. 

6-     Remember that the class will be assessed (QUIZ) on these tenses- take your job seriously.

7-     Give me (Madame) any documents that you want copied at the beginning of the school day.  You may leave them in my mailbox.


“French tenses are the bomb!”