Francais IV

Le projet d’enseignment

Le rubric


I.                  Teaching (content)

4- very complete, accurate, clear examples, well prepared, organized, professional

3- mostly complete, mostly accurate, somewhat lacking in clear examples, somewhat

 prepared, fairly organized, somewhat professional demeanor

2- incomplete, lacking accuracy, lacking examples, not prepared, not organized,


1-no presentation


II.              Exercise

4- clear, accurate, organized, creative & thoughtful, very professional, obvious effort

3- mostly clear and accurate, somewhat organized, some effort

2- lacking clarity and accuracy, lacking organization, little effort

1-no excercise


III.          Delivery

3- Very smooth, Prepared, good eye contact, clear voice, good volume, strong use of language

2- Fairly smooth, prepared, some eye contact, fairly clear voice, adequate volume, fair use of language

1- Choppy, somewhat prepared, little eye contact, unclear voice, inadequate volume, simplistic use of language


La note = _______/ 11= ________________


« Oui, ma chérie, c’était ________________________, cet exposé.  Je voudrais apprendre plus de temps et de verbes.»