Italiano I

Ripasso per l’ esame finale


  1. Verb conjugations:

·         -are, -ere, -ire verbs, regular and irregular, in the following tenses:

ü  Present (parlo)

ü  Present of irregular verbs

ü  Passato prossimo with avere(ho parlato)

ü  Passato prossimo with essere- (sono andato)
La casa di ESSERE - filled

ü  La casa di ESSERE - Blank

ü  Future (parlerò)

ü  Conditional (parlerei)

ü  Present progressive (sto parlando)

ü  Imperfetto (parlavo) {Italiano II}

ü  Informal Imperative (command forms) {Italiano II}

ü  Verb tenses {Italian II}

ü  Verb tenses {Italian III}


  1. Other grammar points:

·         Ending of words (masculine/feminine/singular/plural), definite + indefinite articles (how to say the and a/an)

·         Expressions with avere”, “fare”, “stare”.

·         Verb “piacere” and how it works

·         Prepositions (di, a, da.) and contractions (nel, del, sul)

·         Possessive adjectives (how to say “my, your, his, her…”)

·         Describing how long something has been going on : “Da quanto tempo…?”

·         Question words

·         “Chi sono io”? questions/answers

·         Demonstrative adjectives: this, these, that, those

·         “Da quanto tempo”… how long something has been going on.


  1. Vocabulary:  (vocabulary packet)

·         68 verbs list- English to Italian

·         68 verbs list- Italian to English

·         Family members

·         Adjectives to describe people and things

·         Telling time

·         At what time…

·         School subjects

·         Classroom objects

·         Days, months, seasons, dates…

·         Time expressions (oggi, domani, ieri, sempre, più tardi)

·         Weather

·         Food (+breakfast, lunch and dinner)

·         Transportation

·         Places in town/stores

·         Clothes

·         Rooms in the house

·         Meaning of all verbs studied


  1. Culture/geography:

·         Famous Italians/ main cities