Italiano II- Passo- Capitolo 1.

Preparazione per il quiz orale.


Click on each function to hear how to say the following things in Italian:


1. Try on a sweater and say what you think of it.

2. Say that the boots are too expensive and ask for a discount.


3. Ask for the price of a kilo of parmesan cheese.


4. Say that you want to see a horror movie and suggest one ( + mention at what theater).


5. Try on a jacket, say that itís too small and request a bigger size.


6. Ask how much a newspaper is and why it is so expensive.


7. Ask your friend if s/he wants to go with you for a walk.


8. Try to buy a notebook saying that you can only spend 1 euro.


9. At the pharmacy: say what hurts you and ask for a medicine.


10. Bargain for the price of a hat.


How to pronounce EURO