Italian I

Signora Johnson


Course Description: The primary purpose of the Level I courses is to provide students with a sound basis for learning the language as it is spoken and written today.  Practice in all four skills - listening, speaking, reading, and writing - is given, and every effort is made to provide students with opportunities for self expression in concrete situations.  By the end of the course, students should have mastered many of the basic features in everyday conversation and writing. The second purpose of this course is to introduce students to Italian culture and geography within the context of the language learned.


Credits:  One


Pre-requisite: None


Texts and other related materials: Italian is Fun, visuals, audio files and videos, and teacher generated materials.

     Vocabulary and grammar points will be provided in packets as each unit

     is taught, however, here is where you can find it all:

        Vocabulary: see for vocabulary practice. All         vocabulary taught is in quizlet.

        Grammar: all grammar points are on my website.

        Here is the link to  my website:

Once on my website, click on “Italian I grammar and vocabulary”.


     Portfolio tasks: Two tasks for the graduation portfolio will be

     completed - one per semester.


I. Course Requirements:

It is the responsibility of each student to be on time and prepared for class daily. Students must have a pen/pencil, covered textbook, completed assignments, a 3 ring binder with paper and a positive attitude.

Daily attendance will be taken. It is crucial that students be in class to learn how to speak the language.


School policies are implemented for tardies and cuts. See your student handbook or find it on the school’s website for details.


  II. Grading


A - Assessments:

* Quizzes will be weighed as X2, which means that 2 quizzes equal a test grade.

* Tests will be given at the end of each chapter or major unit. They will always be announced in advance. They will be weighed at X4, double the weight of quizzes.

* At least two Common Tasks will be given throughout the year, one per semester. Common tasks will count as X5 (a bit more than tests).

* Over all, assessments constitute 70% of the quarter grade.


B - Class Participation:

        Students will be evaluated on the basis of their class participation.      Class participation will count as 20% of the quarter grade. Standards      for class participation are:

A=Always   B=Usually   C=Sometimes   D=Seldom   F=Never

* On time

* Prepared and Organized (book, notebook, pen, homework)

* Following Directions

* Focused and Attentive

* Honest, Respectful and Cooperative

* Speaking Italian!!!!!!!!! Molto importante!


C - Homework:

Homework will be assigned most evenings. This may include written assignments, reading passages, oral projects and research projects. It will be collected or reviewed during the following class. Homework will count as 10% of the quarter grade. 


D - Exams:

There will be a written exam at the end of each semester. Each exam is worth 20% of the semester grade. Each  quarter is worth 40% of the semester grade.












III - Extra-Help:


I am available for extra help by appointment. I am available in room 209A right after school and during TASC.


IV- Make-Up Work:


If a student is absent, it is his/her responsibility to make up all the work missed, including homework.


Quizzes/tests: If a student is absent for a quiz or test he/she is expected to make it up by the day he/she returns to class.



Make-ups of quizzes/tests will not be done during class time.



Homework: student will pick up the missing homework the day that he/she returns to class, and hand the homework in (or show it) during the following class.


Any work not completed on time will be counted as a zero.


P.S. Feel free to come and pick up any homework and make up any quizzes or tests the day you come back to school, even if you don’t have my class that day. So you will be sure that you won’t be late!