Narragansett High School

Physical Education Department













The mission of the Narragansett High School Physical Education Department is to provide a variety of skill instruction in a safe and supportive environment so that students acquire the tools needed to maintain a health enhancing level of physical fitness throughout their lifetime.  By participating in the variety of physical activities offered during physical education, students will also have the opportunity to further develop skills in collaboration, communication, and social responsibility.  

Finally, it is our goal to deliver physical education instruction in such a way that students are able to understand that participation in physical activity provides opportunities for enjoyment, challenge, and self-expression.




Faculty Members

Mrs. Liz Palmer

Mrs. Jennalee Lopes

Mr. Sean Capizzo


Required Courses

Physical Education/Health 9

Physical Education/Health 10

Physical Education/Health 11

Physical Education/Health 12


Elective Courses

Adventure Education

Lifetime Fitness



Mariner Mountain Bike Club

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