Biology I Honors

*Please note:The information on this page is in addition to the information of the Biology I page

What will we be up to in Biology I Honors?

Exploration in this course enhances the college biology material with special activities to foster independent thinking through higher level student-developed investigations. We analyze implications of scientific discoveries and discuss your viewpoints substantiated with facts, theories and observations.

What we are learning in Biology I Honors?

The topics are the same as for the Biology I course.You are studying the same stuff, only at a deeper level and with more personal direction.


What enriching things will we be doing?

Our first enriching assignment will be a yet-to-be-named project that will take up a good portion of the 1st semester.The project will mimic the type of research done in academia or the professional sector.We are setting the tempo early.



Registration link for the Symposium of Discovery at Brown University(link is just below the pictures)


Semester 1 Research Project Resources


†††††††††††††††† Project Point Description/Rubric


Sample journal article (effects of temperature on swimming of lizard)


Sample journal article 2 (effects of size and temp. on weakfish sounds)


Links to peer-reviewed sources

         most sources offer abstracts only, or full text for a fee (donít pay for it for this class).Sometimes full-text journal articles are free, or can be accessed by signing up to a free website subscription


†††††††††††††††† Google Scholar (National Institute of Health)


Humboldt squid dissection links


†††††††††††††††† Squids4Kids website (links on Humboldt squid, from Stanford & NMFS)


Iridescence of squid video (animation from, from Brown U.)


Irradiated Radishes Data Links


THERE WILL BE NO OTHER DATA FROM ANOTHER CLASS TO COMPARE WITH.RESULTS WILL INCLUDE OUR FIVE EXPERIMENTS, AND YOU WILL COMPLETE THE CONCLUSION BY COMPARING THESE FIVE ONLY.In addition, discuss possible sources of error, inconsistencies, or ways in which you could have improved the experiment to make it more fruitful in the conclusion.


Data For:

††††††† Control Plants

††††††† 50,000 MRADS

††††††† 150,000 MRADS

††††††† 500,000 MRADS

††††††† 4,000,000 MRADS